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🔥 The Squad 🔥

Creative Director


🔥🔥🔥🔥Brandon Bal-Lance

Color Educator with Schwarzkopf  Professional      

  Brandon’s passion and love for hair began at a very young age. As a child, Brandon’s favorite toy store aisle was “the pink aisle”! His eyes lit up with excitement as they scoured the aisle trying to decide which Barbie doll had the best hair. Brandon loved playing with, brushing, braiding and cutting Barbie dolls hair. In high school, Brandon frequently colored and styled his friends, family, and his own hair. In 2013, after obtaining his Cosmetology license, Brandon began his professional hairstylist career. In 2014, Brandon started an apprenticeship at a “top rated” salon in Mt. View, CA where he received one-on-one education with the Creative Director and obtained certification as a Schwarzkopf Color Expert and Schwarzkopf BlondMe Certification.  At this salon, Brandon‘s passion for hair became apparent to others as he started as a Stylist and soon thereafter become a Color Educator. By 2015, with his intense desire, knowledge, and skills, Brandon quickly leveled-up and became a Master Stylist. On numerous occasions, Brandon has traveled the US to receive advanced education and several certifications (including but not limited to, Multiple Cutting & Coloring Certifications) from Vidal Sassoon Academies (which is globally recognized as the ultimate in hairdressing education, and for over 60 years, has been built on developing and providing world-class education). In 2016, in order to elevate his skills and mastery in cutting and styling curly hair, Brandon completed The Love Curls Workshop presented by EVOLVh Haircare which is an intense and advanced level workshop led by top curly hair educator, Wendy Rae Johnson. During 2017, on several occasions, Brandon traveled to the east coast to become certified as a Schwarzkopf Royal Master Colorist (the gold standard in color education - the highest level of in-depth color knowledge and interactive learning experience a colorist can achieve within the Schwarzkopf brand). In 2017, at only 23 years old, Brandon opened his first salon in Santa Clara, CA. In 2018, Brandon became an Educator with Schwarzkopf Professional allowing him the opportunity to educate and share his knowledge with other artists who are as passionate as he is about hair and the beauty industry. Brandon is certified and experienced in I-Tip & Tape-In extensions by Cinderella Hair, BV Beaded Weft Extensions, and Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments. Brandon has also received education and/or assisted several well-known beauty industry influencers such as Celebrity Hair Stylist Jon Reyman (Cinta Aveda Institute), Linh Phan ()Bescene), Ricky Zito (Hairgodzito), Candy Shaw (Thebalaylama), Butterfly Loft Salon, Josie Vilay and more. Brandon’s mission is to make the world a more beautiful place one person at a time.

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Senior Artist

🔥🔥Laureano Vargas


Color Educator with Schwarzkopf  Professional

Laureano started his career in 2014. While still in Cosmetology School Laureano started working at a Corporate Hair Salon to better his knowledge on how to work and operate in a salon. From there he graduated in 2015 and continued at the Hair Salon as a Stylist. In 2016 Laureano started assisting at a top Hair Salon in San Jose. In 2017 he decided to better his education and moved to another Top Salon In Mountain View where he assisted Brandon Bal-Lance and moved to Bella Bal-Lance Salon after. Laureano has been at Bella Bal-Lance Salon since the opening and learned from Brandon Bal-Lance to make sure to uphold the Bella Bal-Lance Salon Standards in Hair Artistry. In 2018 he attended Vidal 

Sassoon ABC Women’s Haircutting course. He also attended Vidal Sassoon ABC Men’s cutting course the summer of 2019. Laureano is also Keratin Complex  Smoothing Certified along with Certified in I-tip, Tape-In and Beaded Weft Extensions. Amused his knowledge Laureano has received numerous Education through Schwarzkopf Professional and in 2019 became a Schwarzkopf Professional Educator.   Laureano is excited to share his Love for Beauty with the world. 

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New Talent

🌟🌟🌟Leslie Anaya


New Talent

🌟🌟Aditi Kulkarni


Salon Associate/ New Talent

Aditi began pursuing her love for hair when she immigrated from the financial capital of India; Mumbai, Maharashtra to the US. Formerly, Aditi received her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and has been a lead teacher at a local Bay Area children’s school. In July 2018, Aditi earned her cosmetology license through The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose, CA. Aditi is certified in Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe. While at Bella Bal-Lance Salon. In 2019 she got certified in ABC Haircutting by Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA. Aditi is finalizing her specialized training from Bella Bal-Lance Salon Mentors and extensive training to uphold the Bella Bal-Lance Salon standards in hair Artistry.

Salon Associate

🌟Aurora Joven


Salon Associate