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Award Winning Professional Haircare Products for the Hair Obsessed.


• All Oribe products are paraben free. 

• All Oribe products are safe for color treated hair.

• All Oribe products are gluten free.

•The majority of Oribe’s products are sulfate free. The products that contain sulfates are: Signature Shampoo, Shampoo for Beautiful Color and Shampoo for Brilliance & Shine. The sulfates used in the products above are Sodium Laureth Sulfate and TEA-Lauryl Sulfate. These are ultra-mild surfactants derived from coconut oil.

• All Oribe products contain ingredients which offer UV protection,

• Almost all Oribe products are vegetarian. Those products that are not vegetarian contain ingredients derived from pearl or conchiolin. The following product is not vegetarian: Conditioner for Brilliance & Shine

• Oribe Hair Care has a strong commitment to animal welfare and does not directly or indirectly perform animal testing on any of our products.